Seems like there should be a page of photos that are just for fun. Many times, many places, many friends.

Nous aimerions deux verres de vin rouge…
John back home on the Riviere des Prairies
Max giving John one of his semi-unpredictable cat-wheelies.
Max, John’s all time favorite cat of extraordinary powers and beauty.
John and Barbiel at Ohio Renaissance Festival
John and Barbiel of Silent Lion performing with friends at Kent State.
Evening in Quebec City, Irish Cemetery
Marcel Libersan, Pierrefonds, Montreal, QC
Searching for moose in Quebec, but no sign of them….
Photo taken by my son Smith when we lived on Westover Drive, in South Russell, Ohio
Rue Atwater Marche
Barbiel at the park in La Salle by the St. Lawrence
Lachine Rapids, (c) J. Saunders. From John’s Mostly Banjo CD. One of his originals inspired by his hometown and the mighty St. Lawrence. Ron Jarvis from Orrville, Ohio provides the nifty bass part here.
Photo courtesy of Gary Brown
Barbiel avec sa famille: sa souer, beau-frere, maman et papa sur le Bateau Mouche de Montreal.
John, Barbiel, Dad and Mom
Fun at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal
Making music with Menagerie at Great Lakes Medieval Faire.
Pub Sings are always so unpredictable. Here, whatever musical theorem Judy was espousing, Michael was having none of it!
Jon Butts, John Saunders, Barbiel, and Lisa Butts making serious music on Pirate weekend at Great Lakes Medieval Faire.
Toronto Island
John in Ottawa, where parliament buildings are always under renovation…

The thing I like most about this selfie is the ancient Venetian mirror frame.

Barbiel at Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. The purple hat is actually John behind her.
Thank-you, Paul Sigmund , for this photo! Taken at the Minstrel Manor Tent Stage at Great Lakes Medieval Faire.